Day 12 – “Snuba…not scuba”

Yay! Another post with photos from the point and shoot! =)

Woke up early in the morning to catch the Trilogy sailboat in Lahaina.
We took sail around 6:30-7AM and went about a half an hour out to the Molokini Crater to go snorkeling for about an hour. It was super cold and there weren’t many creatures out to play around that area so it was a pretty quick dip in the water for me – spent most of my time at that stop on the top deck soaking up the morning sun.
Thankfully, it warmed up by the time we reached our second stop, somewhere along the coast of West Maui, where Andy and I tried SNUBA for the first time. I was super excited about this part of the excursion because I’ve been dying to go scuba diving for years – my uncle used to be a certified scuba instructor in Korea and he told me a few stories going up. I decided to settle for snuba since I heard of a few unpleasant experiences from other people though. Baby steps!
During our briefing, our instructor mentioned a few times about how we will spend the first 2-3 minutes underwater freaking out because it’s not normal to be able to breathe underwater. Uh, yeah … no joke. I totally freaked out during those first few minutes thinking, “what the heck did I get myself into?!” Breathing in of the regulator was the easy part, breathing out against pressure took awhile for me to get used to. Once I figured it out and calmed myself, the rest was easy. We were able to swim down about 15 feet or so with 3 sea turtles, tons of fish, and see some other cool stuff near the bottom.
Now that I’ve had my dose of the deeper seas, I’m totally ready to go scuba diving next time we get a chance!!

Our captain, Yoshi, who kept us very entertained throughout the entire excursion. Hilarious guy.

The Molokini Crater

Each raft holds 2 oxygen tanks for 2 people.

This is obviously not us, but for safety reasons we couldn’t take our camera down on our dive so we snapped a few of the group before us.

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