Day 13 – “Road to Hana”

After 4 days in Wailea, Maui, we left a day early for Hana.
Although it was a gorgeous place to stay, we did all the activities we wanted to do in the area and wanted to see more of what Hawaii had to offer. For those who aren’t familiar with Hawaii, Wailea and Lahaina offer lots of coastline for relaxing on the beach, shopping, and areas for excursions/activities. Hana is a smaller town on the east side of Maui – the untouched. In other words, more relaxing and quiet. 🙂

Before starting the Road to Hana, a long 52-mile scenic highway up to Hana, we made a stop at the town of Pa’ia. Shopped a bit and grabbed lunch at the Pa’ia Fish Market Restaurant which serves the most ahhh-maazing fish tacos!

Our first scenic stop on the Road to Hana started off with the painted trees.

Hiked several trails along the way – mostly trails that were not clearly marked or even visible.
(A big thank you to Maui Revealed! Highly recommend this book for anyone visiting Maui.)

Ginger Torch

The most rewarding hike ever – Punalau Falls.
A hidden waterfall that we had all to ourselves after hiking through tons of boulders. (Again, thank you Maui Revealed!)

The taro fields at Ke’anae

Spear fishing

My absolute favorite photo! (NO – I did not photoshop this one!)

Watched the sun set around mile marker 26 before heading checking into the Hana Hotel

After a long day on the Road to Hana, we got lazy and ordered some yummy room-service from the Hotel before climbing into bed 🙂

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