Day 14 – “Happy 4th!”

Woke up early in the morning to hike up to Waimoku Falls which was further down Road to Hana, past the Hana Hotel. The hike took about 1.5 hours, including the photo stops, and it was well worth it – mud, bug bites, toe stubs, and all!

What do you get at the the top? A hair-raising, 400 ft waterfall off of lava rock! Just jaw-dropping beautiful.
(I wasn’t feeling well this day so I didn’t take many photos myself – some of these are taken by the hubby. Thank you love!)

Down the opposite trail to Waimoku Falls is another short .5 mile trail that leads to the O’heo Gulch Pools (aka. Seven Sacred Pools). We were totally bummed to find out that the park closed access to the pools because of flash flooding but we were able to snap a photo or two behind the closed gates. (When the water turns muddy/brown, it means that there is flash flooding from above.)
Just a random tree that caught our attention on the way back from hiking

After hiking, we headed to Hana Bay but ran into a few locals on the way who pointed us to Red Sand Beach instead. It’s a small hidden beach that requires you to hike about a quarter mile along narrow cliff edges. We were really lucky we found out about this place because it was the best beach we had gone to during our entire honeymoon! It was one of those places in Hana that can only be found by word of mouth and once you reach it, it’s so serene you feel like you’ve discovered a little secret. Our hotel wouldn’t even tell us about this place because it’s not the safest beach to get to – one path leading to this beach has been blocked by landslied and there have been several people who have fallen. I didn’t take my camera with me here so again, thanks to my hubby I have a few to share. 🙂

Later in the evening we celebrated the 4th of July with other hotel guests at a BBQ at Homoa Beach
Have to end this entry with another photo of Andy eating..hah.

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