Day 15 – “Our Last Night in Hana”

Getting out of bed was tough this morning thinking about our honeymoon coming to an end. To cheer me up, Andy surprised me with a strawberry papaya he picked up from a fruit stand down the road. Yes! STRAWBERRY PAPAYA!! It is the most delicious fruit that I ever had and only wish that I could have brought some back with me. Darn agriculture laws! 😦

After breakfast, we headed out for an hour long horseback ride along the coast of Hana. Learned some history about the town and people from our tour guide who, like all the Hana locals, was born and raised in Hana. Part of what makes this town so special is the love and respect they have for the land and it’s people. They’re all part of one big story.

Once we were done with the ride, we headed back north on the Road to Hana to Wainapanapa State Park where we found the Black Sand Beach and an underwater lava tube. We had to pass on swimming at the beach because the waves were rough. We were about to do the same with the lava tube due to the freezing water temperature but a local man with his kids swimming there called us out. So, of course we had to jump in!

our camera was frosting up because it was so cold!

Ended our day at the spa, a cocktail mixer with the General Manager of the hotel, and dinner at the Travaasa Restaurant.

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