Day 16 & 17 – “Two in One”

7.06.2012 – Our last day in paradise.:(

Spent the morning body surfing at Hamoa Beach before checking out of our hotel.
We had a relaxing  2.5 hour drive down the south side of Hana Highway back to Pa’ia town to grab one last round of fish tacos from our favorite Pa’ia Fish Market before heading to the airport.
Here are some photos from our way down:

Couldn’t leave Hana without grabbing one last bite of strawberry papaya!! 🙂

South side views of Hana Highway

A cute little general store on the way that provides public restrooms (felt a little weird taking pictures… I don’t think the owner liked it!)

some more views…

We could see Lanai’!! (The first island we visited.)

Good-bye sweet beautiful Hawaii!!!
You treated us well. Hopefully see you soon in the future. Please don’t change.

7.07.2012 – I have to cheat a little bit with day 17 because our flight left on July 6th at 8:30PM and we didn’t return until late afternoon on July 7th. I didn’t take a picture for this day. 😦 Sorry!

But I’ll leave you with this awesome pic that the hubby shot – this is what I looked like for most of the ride down Hana Highway. Hehe.

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