Day 23-36 – “The Countdown!”

7.13.20121 week until Germany.
Another step closer.

It was a bittersweet day watching all of our home get packed up and moved out for Germany. It’s crazy that our place is completely empty!
For the evening, we headed down to Midlothian, VA to visit my family for the last time.
It’s going to be weird not being able to visit them whenever I want at a place I have called ‘home’ for so many years.

My favorite part of the night – presenting my uncle with my Canon 450D. Decided it was worth so much more to give it to my uncle rather than to sell it. His reaction = priceless!

7.14.2012 – 6 days until Germany

More temporary good-byes.
My Grandparents resting place.

Dinner & good times with a best friend – Andy & Harr

7.15.2012 – 5 days until Germany
Dinner with a girlfriend.

7.16.2012 – 4 days until Germany

A hard good-bye.
I’ll miss you so much Patricia – I am so blessed to have such a wonderful cousin who not only am I proud to say is family, but a friend.

Another night at a hotel…I am soooo looking forward to having a HOME!

One thought on “Day 23-36 – “The Countdown!”

  1. ahhh i’m gonna miss you and andy so much! so glad that within 7 days, i got to see you not once, but twice hehe. not to mention i spent the most time with you (besides your beau) in june 😉 i’m thankful that you’re my cousin and friend. i thank you and andy for always being awesome to me. i love ya!

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