Day 42- “Dinner at the Castle”


So before I start this post, I would like to announce that Andy and I have made our first step to independence in Germany!!! We passed our drivers license exam! 🙂
This probably sounds pretty silly to the most of you reading this, but you have absolutely no idea how hard it actually is with all the ridiculous road signs and rules they have here. We were pretty stressed out about it because if we failed, which several do, we would have to come back another day to take it – meaning we would not be able to drive or buy a car. Although, now that I have my German license… I’m a little scared to drive! Yikes.
Anywho… I just wanted to brag a little about our amazing sponsor, Julie, who is also a Cardiologist that will be working with Andy and has been unbelievably kind to us since the day we arrived. We’ve been able to check off almost everything off our to-do list (eg. rides to Ramstein/Landstuhl, setting up a bank account, getting a personal & work cell phone, grocery shopping, and advice for almost everything and anything you can think of) which took a lot of the stress and worries off our shoulders. We really would not have survived this first week without her. I’m so glad that Andy has such good people working with him in his department.

Last night, Julie took us out to dinner with her family at a castle in Landstuhl. I’m not sure what the history is on this place but Andy and I plan to return when it’s open for tours to find out. What we did learn is that Germans are never in a rush during meals – service is super slow and meals almost never come out at the same time. I don’t mind it, but it’s a little weird having to wait so long for drinks or food.

Look closely and you can spot 2 cannon balls stuck in the walls of the castle.

The view from the restaurant
 Julie’s cute boys (missing the youngest) –

Hilarious kid – loves the camera!
Julie & her husband, Keith


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