Day 43-44

7.25.2012 – Day in Landstuhl

Spent the day running errands and strolling around the town of Landstuhl.

The main road in Landstuhl – Kaiserstrasse

Sanders Bakery
An Irish pub right below our apartment

7.26.2012 – Iphone photos!

It was a super busy day running around in the unusual 87 degree weather here so I gave my shoulder a break from carrying my camera (yes, I know… what a whimp) and took todays photos with my Iphone. Hey, still a daily photo right?! 🙂

Big News!!!!
We found and signed a home today!!!! We will be living in the city of Landstuhl in a quiet little neighborhood next to the hospital. The house is newly renovated and we are the first renters to ever live there. There is plenty of outdoor space, including our own private patio from our master bedroom, without the grass which is a huge plus since neither one of us want to mow a lawn. Like a lot of other homes around here, there’s some history with this place – the father of the homeowner used to own this house and also distributed wine in a wine cellar in the basement. Yes, we have a wine cellar! I can’t wait to move in and make it ours for the next 3 years. 🙂

The front –
The street we will be living on –

Later in the day we went shopping for a few necessities and discovered this – wine is SO CHEAP!

7.27.2012 – An evening in Kaiserslautern

Had dinner at Cafe Extrablatt and a few drinks at the bars.
More photos of this city to come when we have more time to explore.

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