Day 47-49 “Busy Days”

The past few days has been pretty hectic with running around trying to get things done.
These snapshots are just the moments we had to take a breath and look around us before running off to the next thing.

7.30.2012 –
A festival is setting up across the street from our apartment for the upcoming weekend. This one looks more like a carnival from back in the states, but with beer stands.

We had a pretty rough day today. Ran out to do errands from 6AM until evening and had almost nothing accomplished.
Thank goodness for magic jack for those days you just need to talk to family & friends back in the states.

Another day of errands! Although, the most exciting part of today was making a visit to Landstuhl’s Thrift Shop. This place was packed with lots of great items from trinkets to household goods and appliances. We were able to grab a few things we really needed – including a $160 vacuum for $20. Score!

My favorite purchase was this German tin for $3, which I plan to use to store all my tea bags!

Of course, I have to end this post with another cute couple we caught helping each other carry a crate of bottles in downtown Landstuhl. (I don’t know why I’ve been stalking the elderly lately.)

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