Day 51-52 “Something New Everyday”

Before I start this post, I would like to wish my Uncle a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Achi, I hope you have a wonderful day with the kids and Ajjumah. We love you!


Last Friday, we purchased a used BMW from a small dealership in Kindsbach (a town right outside of Landstuhl). It is owned by Tony, a guy who started his own business after working as a head mechanic at BMW for 10 years. We’ve been searching for a hoopty that we can run into the ground since we only shipped one car from the states – what we found wasn’t so bad! Tony’s wife used to own this car then sold it to a friend and her husband several years ago, who eventually could not afford to make payments on it. After missing payments, Tony woke up one morning and found the car sitting in front of his shop with the keys under his door. He says, “my baby returned home“. Tony is a honest guy who seems to care a lot about the cars on his lot and guarantees that a vehicle bought from him will pass German inspection. We had to return the car to him to fix a few things after we failed the inspection the first time but he made it right and we finally have a ‘new’ car to drive!
Another step towards complete independence! 🙂

’96 BMW 3 series, 2 door, manual with heated front seats

Today, we received an email notifying us that my Corolla that was shipped from the states had arrived and it was ready for pick up! I haven’t seen my car since the week after our wedding in June. We rushed over to pick it up and take it to get it inspected. FAILED! My front tires needed to be replaced. In Germany, it is law that you have all-weather tires & the minimum tire tread depth is 1.6mm. My current tires were pretty bald. We were able to drive it over to Tony’s, who gave us an amazing deal. (He also seemed happy to see that we were returning to him for service.)

He asked us to return later in the evening so we ran off to check out Mobil Martin, a home goods store. We found a few things but they were all overpriced and the quality of some of the things were worse than IKEA. Oh well! It was fun to look at.

Love this enormous clock –

Every store we visit seems to have at least one food stand/truck outside the entrance.

I don’t know if it was the Crepes, but I had a sudden craving for McD’s ice cream. I know McD’s is different everywhere you go, but this was a pleasant surprise – bubble tea?

For dinner, Andy wanted to walk to another Doner Kebab place nearby. On the way, we walked through the festival that I took a photo of on Monday.
Tons of sweets – Marshmallow covered in a chocolate shell over a small waffle.

Scott Willis, this photo is just for you! Instead of a doner, Andy tried his first lahmacun! Less bread and more meat. He LOVED it.

While Andy enjoyed his dinner, I cracked open a bottle of wine which was given to us by Julie. It was the best red wine that we’ve had since we got to Germany! Deeee-lish!
Thanks Julie & Keith!

I wonder what we’ll do this weekend….

5 thoughts on “Day 51-52 “Something New Everyday”

  1. We all miss you and Andy a lot. We went to UVA yesterday to move stuffs IN and OUT for Pat and Jen. We enjoyed the whole process as a happy family trip. We love you. Always be patient with each other.

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