Day 53-55 “Little Treasures”

8.4.2012 – Bad Durkheim

Saturday morning was pretty lazy for the both of us. I think we were just exhausted from the week and it was comforting not to have a huge list of things to do.
We were planning to do a wine tour off a boat near Trier but had trouble finding information on it so we decided to just head out to Bad Durkheim. Our mechanic recommended it for the weekend because they hold weekly wine festivals downtown. Well, we must’ve misunderstood because there was no festival – or maybe we were just in the wrong part of town. Seemed more like a retirement community. Although, I will admit it was a charming little town and we enjoyed the walk and grabbed a drink for the heck of it.

Stopped by a winery on the way into downtown Bad Durkheim but it was closed 😦

Just a view from a garden in Bad Durkheim.

This seems to be the norm around here when you order a glass of wine!

Germany makes me miss Chloe sooooo much. It’s so dog friendly here – you can take your dog EVERYWHERE!

I mean… how many restaurants/bars have you been to that serves your dog treats?

8.5.2012 – Friends from Home

Today, we went over to Sharon & Tony Frattalone’s new home in Landstuhl – about less than a 5 minute drive from our future home. Not only did Sharon and Tony work with Andy back at Walter Reed, they lived about 20 minutes from us in Maryland. Small world, huh? What’s even more amazing is that they did all the house hunting work and found us a home before we even arrived in Germany. We are so grateful for the referral!

I was preoccupied chatting it up with Sharon and a few other guests that I almost forgot to snap a photo for the day.
I was able to quickly get one of Isabella, their 2 year-old daughter, before she had to go to bed. Look at those stunning blue eyes! She’s going to be a heart-breaker!

Β 8.6.2012 – “Landstuhl”

After dinner, Andy and I decided to take a walk up to our future home and we noticed this engraving above the garage doors that we didn’t notice before –

We figured that U.L. stands for the landlord’s father’s name, Urban Linsmayer.

After snooping around the property, we went for a short walk behind the house on a trail we previously walked when I didn’t have my camera.
I just had to share what we found because it’s too random and amazing not to. πŸ™‚

I’m curious to know whose work this is…

As I was uploading the above photos for this post, fireworks starting going off from the castle in Landstuhl. I don’t know what the occasion was but we had a pretty great view from our window! πŸ™‚

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