Day 56-57 – ‘Dinners’

8.7.2012 – GLOBUS

On the way home from running errands, we stopped by Globus to grab a quick dinner. I mean…for Andy to have his dinner. Hah. (Globus is a huge store with groceries and home good items at reasonable prices.)
The food here is so cheap and they give you an enormous amount of food. As Andy describes it, “It’s like IKEA’s cafeteria on crack“.

8.8.2012 – ‘K-town’
We had an appointment with a seller from (a craigslist site for service members in Germany) in Kaiserslautern, so we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants there before heading back home.
K-town has yet to disappoint.

Great restaurant! With an extensive TEE menu and decent wine menu

Andy’s dinner –  Käsespätzle

Andy trying to have a serious conversation with me. Clearly, I’m paying close attention. 🙂

Here I go again,  creeping on the elderly…

Good Night Kaiserslautern!

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