Day 58-60

8.9.2012 – Waiting game…

Since 7:30AM, I spent my entire day waiting around our empty house for some loaner furniture and appliances to be delivered, an engineer to come hook up our washer and dryer, and for the internet company to come install our internet. What did I do for these long hours all alone? Read, plan the layout of our furniture, sun bathe on our master bedroom patio, play multiple games of GEMS on the iPad, and dance to music blasting from my iPhone.

Back/side view from our master bedroom.

View from our master bedroom.

8.10.2012 – Random act of kindness…

We spent the day running around taking care of some more errands before our big move on Monday. Nothing much to talk about or show for this day as it was pretty busy.
One thing I will mention is the couple Andy met from Ramstein’s Online Yard Sales (  He went over their house to purchase a few 220v floor lamps and ended up spending at least an hour chatting away with them. They’ve been living in Germany for several years and are heading back to the states soon. The wife is a contracted speech therapist and the husband is retired. (I will have to verify this information when Andy gets home later today.) Anyway, they gave Andy some great advice for surviving in Germany and ended up selling us several other essential items. Before Andy left, the wife handed him a huge slice of watermelon to take home. She said another young man had recently come over to take a look at another item for sale, which he didn’t purchase, and returned a couple hours later with a watermelon because he loved talking with them so much. This put the wife in tears and she had to share some with Andy to enjoy at home with me.

I haven’t mentioned everyone we’ve met since we’ve been here, but we’ve been so lucky to meet such good people.
In my next post, I will share what we were able to find at a local German thrift store thanks to their referral!

8.11.2012 – “Alles Muss Raus!”

Today, we spent the later half of the day at Kaiserslautern’s Street Festival. I didn’t really research it and assumed it would be this large street festival from reading the short description in the paper earlier in the week. It turned out to be pretty small with only a few food & beer stands and a few stages of musicians. What I realized was that it was an annual event that gathers disabled and enabled musicians from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Our first time on the train! Landstuhl to Kaiserslautern

A Tea Shop we stopped by for a cup of Dragon Chai Tea which was deeelish! They have a very extensive tea menu with lots of creative options.
Our first peek at the street festival – snooping around a closed area at a band practicing.

There wasn’t much going on at the time so we decided to off to dinner at a fairly new sushi restaurant, Kahori, and return to the festival afterwards. Yes, SUSHI! It’s only been 3 weeks since we’ve been in Germany but I was dying from watching Andy stuff himself with doners & bratwursts while I lived off of deli meat. My expectations were pretty low for sushi in Germany but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a 20 euro, all you can eat sushi restaurant! The only negative thing I have to say about it is that they stuff their rolls with lots of rice but that was easily fixed by scraping it off. =)

After dinner, we went back to see if the band I was spying on earlier was playing. We made it just in time as they were starting. Before they played, there was a small act performed by a group of people with down syndrome called the Airshow Theater Stap. It was super cute as they danced with people in the audience. We enjoyed watching the show and music while sipping on our beer and wine.

A small video clip I caught before heading home for the night. Excuse my terrible video skills – I clearly need to play with this function on my camera more often!

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