Day 61-65 Doing Some Serious Catch Up!

Okay, so I’ve been TERRIBLE this past week with updating my blog with daily photo posts but I have 2 very good excuses –
1. We moved into our house on the 13th and had 2 large shipments of furniture and goods arrive within 3 days of each other.
2. We went on a trip to Paris from the 17th – 21st for a long birthday weekend!
Just letting you all know that I’m still here!
Anyway, I’ll make this post short and sweet so I can move on to some Paris photos. =)

8.12.2012 – Dinner at the Remo’s
Yes, that is my husband on the trampoline with the kids. hah.

8.13.2012 –  First Day at the House
Moved out of our temporary apartment into our new home today.
For some reason, instead of taking photos of the moving process, I thought using gifts from our wedding to eat my first ever passion fruit was more exciting. Wusthof knives cut through everything like butter! You can’t beat the sound of a wooden/bamboo cutting board either.

8.14.2012 – TiTi’s Thrift Store
I mentioned in the previous post about a couple Andy met through the Ramstein’s yard sale website who happened to give Andy some great recommendations. One place he mentioned was a thrift store called ‘Titi’s’ in Landstuhl. We decided to stop by to take a look and found this gorgeous dining room table for a bargain! (Our current chairs don’t match but this will have to do for now.)

8.15.2012 – Damaged Goods
Today was a pretty stressful day receiving our 2nd shipment. One of the crates holding Andy’s work items (pro-gear) and some of our clothes were delivered damaged and soiled. No idea how or when this could’ve happened, but now we’re going through the painful process of claiming it all in hopes to be reimbursed. On the bright side, at least it’s all replaceable items!
Our clothes smell so foul.

One thought on “Day 61-65 Doing Some Serious Catch Up!

  1. omg i’m so sorry about the second shipment 😦 that really sucks! any updates on what happened with that???

    ive been so behind on blogs. i’m loving the catch up though, your photos are awesome. i wish i were there with yall 🙂

    i’m soooooo envious. the food looks delicious, the dragon fruit looks delicious, and WUSTHOF!!! OOOOOOH, THE WUSTHOF. i bet that brand’s cutlery is so much cheaper over there 😡 lucky duck. prob same with henckels..

    going for a jog/run with peter now, i’ll be sure to finish catching up soon 😉 love ya.

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