Day 66-70 “PARIS!”

So, as many of my family and friends know… my amazing husband took me to Paris for the most memorable birthday weekend. (Which is part of the reason why this post is so late. I took so many photos I had to sort through them while taking care of house chores that we left behind.)
My 27th birthday in Paris… I mean,  who gets to do that?! We are so unbelievably lucky to be in such a key location that we can just hop on a train to almost anywhere in Europe effortlessly. I will say, I promised myself that I will never take these opportunities for granted and I will keep myself grounded. I acknowledge how blessed I am to be where I am…
8.17.2017“What are the chances?!”
I know that FB can get really annoying as people post stupid status updates every few minutes or photos that’s totally inappropriate to post on the web (I mean, I totally agree) BUT it does come in handy to keep in touch with friends and family who you don’t call/email on a daily basis.
Anyway, my point is…if it wasn’t for Facebook, I would not have found out that Jamie, a childhood friend of Andy’s, was in Paris for the week with her family or that she was staying literally 3 blocks down from our hotel!! After checking into our hotel, we ran right over to their place and had a great evening with Jamie, her parents, kids, and husband, Scott.
A perfect start to my birthday weekend in Paris! (Thank you guys for inviting us over. I absolutely adore your family.)

Duck, rice with beans, and green tea cake!

Look how fast we’re going!

Our first night in Paris with the Shalbracks & Parrots!

8.18.2012 – “Day One in Paris!”
Yes, this was ONE day!

Waking up in the best hotel in Paris! Bastille Speria – in the heart of it all. In the town of Marais, down 1 block from the yellow line and Bastille.

At the Pompidou Center

Paris Plages along the Seine River

Notre Dame!


Holocaust Memorial (Hall of Remembrance) next to the Notre Dame

Point ZERO – the exact point from which all distances are measured in Paris

Dinner time @ Chez Janou!

Yes, seriously… they left this at our table for Andy’s dessert.

Champ Elysees!

The top view from the Champ Elysees

On the way back to the metro we stopped to watch a few street performances. This one reminded us of Hawaii.

8.19.2012 – “Day at the Louvre”
Spent 7 hours at the Louvre and still did not cover the entire museum!


Window view of the pyramid from the inside

The famous Mona Lisa!

Goofing around..

YES!! Time to indulge!! (Oh, I know I’m making many of you back home really jealous. hehe.)

Oh yeeaahh, lets take a look at it one more time because Andy and I inhaled it within seconds. It was sooooo goooood.

Outside the Louvre –
On a ride at a carnival taking place right outside the Louvre –
Went to a cafe for a drink before calling it a night and ended up with an enormous sundae for free! True fatty mode!

8.20.2012 – “Biking around Paris & My Birthday Night at the Eiffel Tower”

1.75 euro to rent a bike for 24 hours (with a few exceptions that is).
Quick snap shots during our bike ride around town –

Quick little visit to the Eiffel Tower –

The LOVE BRIDGE behind the Notre Dame Cathedral –

Birthday dinner on the Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cruise along the Seine River.

8.21.2012 – “Last day in Paris”

View from the top of the largest shopping mall in Paris – Galeries Lafayette.

Au revoir Paris! Until next time!

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