Day 71-75 “Getting Settled”

It’s been back to errands and running around doing not so interesting stuff since we’ve been back from Paris. Woo-hoo!!

Actually, most of you probably don’t know why I even bother to post when it hasn’t been so eventful. Well, not only is it to share with our friends & family back at home what we’re up to, but it’ll bring back some sort of memory for each day this entire year for Andy and I when we look back on these photos a year or 30 years from now.
Having to post a photo for each day on this blog holds me accountable and encourages me to take photos even when I don’t feel like it or don’t have anything exciting to share.

Besides, everyone likes to stalk these days and I’m allowing you all to do so! =)

8.22.2012 – Dinner with the Frattalone’s & the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Jaco

8.23.2012 – Festival is coming to town!
I was surprised by this little gift on our front stairway and figured out it was for an upcoming festival in Landstuhl. They’re pretty yummy!

8.24.2012 – A Korean Market!
I heard from a friend of Andy’s that there was a Korean market near Ramstein Air Force base so I scoped it out and I was pretty pleased – except for the prices! It’s a tiny little market with the necessary items you need for cooking Korean food that you can’t find at the grocery store/commissary. It also carries additional items such as, frozen foods, seaweed, rice cookers (which are almost impossible to find here), and kim-chi made by the owner. I bought home some Kim-chi, mandu, rice, sriracha sauce, and a few other goodies which totally made Andy’s day. Some reason, being in Germany makes me miss Korean food and I almost never crave it! Andy thinks it’s because German food is so bland…maybe?

8.25.2012 – Day of organizing & settling into our new home
I was able to find my favorite souvenir from our honeymoon and placed it in our foyer. Our first piece of decor in our new home! Things are finally starting to come together.

8.26.2012 – Updating the blog!
After an exhausting day of unpacking & cleaning with Andy, I was able to finally sit down and update my blog. The Paris photos were taking FOREVER to upload so my friend, rotwein, kept me company. =)

8.27.2012 – Another day of errands
How can I ever complain about running errands in Germany when you have these kind of views all around?!

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