Day 81-88

Thank goodness for my cell phone camera this week!!

This grocery store, like many others in Germany, has 2 entire aisles dedicated to candy and sweets. As you probably know, I have a terrible sweet tooth. I may leave Germany with diabetes….

This is just a sample of what every night was like for us this entire week. Andy has been having a blast with his new grill and I’m loving that I have to cook less!! =)

Slowly starting to get back into working out again. I miss going to Barre classes back in Potomac, Maryland!! So happy that I was able to bring the necessary equipment with me so I can continue it on my own! Don’t you love my big mirror? It’s like having my own little work out studio.

He was the highlight of my day today – even though I have to share him with his study materials. I can’t wait for November to come and go!

Made a HUGE trip to the commissary today for Sunday’s housewarming party!

After spending the early half of the day prepping for Sunday’s housewarming party while Andy studied, we made a last minute decision to head out to the world’s largest wine fest in Bad Durkheim. We only stayed a few hours but had a great time just being a part of something so big and meeting up with the Remo’s.

This was a glass of WINE!! Enormous!! I wasn’t trying to drink much so I opted out for the half wine, half sparkling water option – aka Weinschorle.
The food there was just ridiculous. Andy had a really tough time deciding where he wanted to eat as his mouth watered passing each food stand. Of course, he ate at more than one place.
A group of German men singing together in one of the wine tents.
Tons of people were dressed up. Already starting to feel the excitement for Oktoberfest!
Can you find what is wrong in this picture?

Clue #2:
As always, we can always count on the Remo’s for a hilarious time.

We had the entire Cardiology staff, their families, and a few other friends (who are also from Walter Reed but now at Landstuhl) over for a housewarming party. Note – this was our first party we hosted as Mr. & Mrs. !!
It was so much fun having everyone over and we hope we’re able to do it again soon.

When hosting a party, it’s probably not the best day to try new recipes because they could end up turning out ugly as these cupcakes. At least they tasted great?
Homemade Kimbpap
Mom – I learned this from watching you as a kid! It’s funny how I remember how to cook certain Korean foods from watching as a child.

I was so busy chatting away that I didn’t get a chance to take many photos. Thankfully Keith was sweet enough to grab my camera and take some random shots before the party ended. Thanks assistant!! hah. =)

***Family & friends back in the states – we wish you guys were able to join us and we were thinking of you all day.

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