Day 89-108

Okay, I admit that I’ve totally slacked off for the past 3 weeks. Mainly because I was too impatient with the amount of time it took me to upload & insert photos. Anyway, I had a nice little break and I’m back!
I need to sort through my memory card from the past 20 days but to keep this blog up to date, I’m going to post the more exciting events we’ve had up to today.

Got a new bike from a bike shop near Ramstein AFB! Now Andy and I can go riding around town together and I can go to the local markets without having to drive. Love it!

Every year Ramstein AFB has a welfare bazaar on base and tons of vendors from Germany and surrounding countries come to sell unique items. I spent most of the day looking around until Andy got off work and joined me. Lots of antiques and cute Christmas gifts.

After Andy’s usual morning of studying for the boards, we decided to make a trip out to CORA (a walmart-like store in France) which was only a 45 minute drive from our house. Our friends recommended Cora for good cheap French wine and produce. We got lucky and happened to be there during a tent event where they provided tastings for all the wine they sold. We stocked up!

While Andy spent the day studying, I went out with the Remo & Parker families to a Volksmarch. It was such a gorgeous day! To think about it now, I’m so glad I went because it was the last warm day I can remember in the past 3 weeks! Oh I miss the sun and warmth already.

Breathtaking views

Spent the day with the sweetest little girl, Izzy. The daughter of our friends, Sharon & Tony.
I was able capture some great photos for them throughout the day while looking after her. I’m glad I was able to save them each a 40 minute trip out to her daycare center for a day.
Don’t have pictures but later that evening, we all had dinner together at the local Mexican restaurant. (Thanks guys for treating us!)

Are you guys sick of looking at photos from our trips to local festivals? Hah. It’s the easiest thing we can do on weekends during Andy’s study breaks and we’ll continue to go to local events until Andy takes his boards in November. I’m not tired of going to them yet, but we probably won’t attend another festival for awhile after then. =)

This festival was a farmer’s festival with vendors from the area with tons of handmade crafts and delicious fall comfort foods. They also had a neat corn maze for the kids. Every time there’s an event for the kids, Andy and I look at each other and say, “Man, Cole and Ry would love this!”. Every time…

Our first FCK1 Fußball game. (By the way, FCK stands for “Fußball Club of Kaiserslautern”). It was quite an experience watching the die hard fans on the standing only side of the stadium where they cheered & sang almost the entire game. It was a pretty good game except for the fact that it ended with a tie 1:1. I’m sure we’ll be back again for another match. =)

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