First days of October

Spent the morning taking photos of this cutie pie. Isn’t he adorable? Another blue-eyed 2-year-old.

I went to Saarbrucken, Germany on my own for the day, which is about a 40 minute drive towards France. It was a nice change of pace as it seems much busier. Spent most of my time there window shopping and looking for items we needed for the house.
Found a TK-Maxx, which is comparable to TJ-Maxx back in the states, and lets just say that I miss shopping at the original TJ-Maxx & Home Goods store.

Round 2 @ Saarbrucken!
It was a 4-day weekend for Andy so we decided to go back to the shops in Saarbrucken together. We also met up with the Remo family for lunch at a local Sushi restaurant and shopped around together for most of the day.

Highlight of the day – seeing my favorite Remo in his new blankie.

Chris, a nurse Andy works with, invited us and the Clarkson’s over for dinner. Him and his wife used to own a pizza restaurant & bar together back in the states so he made us tons of pizzas and I even learned a few tricks!

Went to a small festival in Landstuhl to celebrate the grand opening of a public area that was just finished several blocks down from our house. They had food, drinks, and good music. We also ran into both the Frattalone’s & Remo’s.

We spent most of the day at home relaxing.
I think I’ve mastered the Flammkuchen on my first try!! I don’t even like pizza very much but this stuff gets me every time. It’s so good! It’s basically crispy thin crust with cheese, onions, and crème fraîche. Typically served with ham but I didn’t put it on this one.

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