Just when I started back up, wordpress kicked me down.
As I was trying to update with a new post, I realized that I ran out of media space and I can not upload anymore photos onto this blog. Ugh!

I was so annoyed that I was determined to find a better photo blog. I spent some time this afternoon searching for one and I landed on an amazing blog hosting site – !!!

I’m pretty excited about this because the layout is so much cleaner and photo organization is easier. This is where I should’ve been ‘blogging’ since my posts are mainly photos.
Also, since I’m not keeping up with posting photos everyday, I decided to rename the blog as well.

New blog. New look. New name.
Click HERE!!! or use this url:

Followers and subscribers… please continue to follow! =)

Farewell wordpress….

3 thoughts on “NEW BLOG!!!

  1. hi there! i just found your blog through another blog. love your pics so much šŸ™‚ my family and i are moving to ansbach in the beginning of august, so its exciting to see the travel possibilities we have in our future. i just visited you blog on Jux and saw the notice that they are shutting their site down in august… do you have a blog started somewhere else to take its place? i’d love to follow šŸ™‚

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